Bridge Engineering

Our engineers have extensive experience in various bridge projects in Australia and overseas, some of the projects cover composite girder bridges, steel truss bridges, prestressed precast girder bridges, post tensioned precast box girder bridges, arch composite bridges, and stay cable bridges

We provide design engineering and construction services, including:

  • Conceptual design
  • Structural design of pedestrian, road and rail bridges
  • Rehabilitation and upgrade works
  • Construction project and design specifications
  • Design engineering and detailing
  • Project engineering and project management
  • Bridge work platform design for precast segmental bridge construction
  • Construction method, supervision, and quality assurance, including span by span erection method for precast girders and precast segmental bridge construction
  • Bridge hydraulic and dynamic piling analysis
  • Condition assessment and inspections, load rating

RC Engineering has strong commitment with the project quality and effective construction cost. We are continuously developing our engineers by providing technical training and supervision from senior engineers to the intermediate and junior engineers.