RC Engineering not only understands the need to meet client expectations in terms of project documentation but the process of obtaining necessary permit approval from relevant regulatory authorities. So if it is a drainage and paving design for multi-unit development or a project you require assistance with to obtain regulatory approval our team of engineers can assist you in a timely and a project cost effective manner. | Drainage Engineer Melbourne

Whether you are developing a new project or require assistance with the development of existing structures, RC Engineering Consultancy can offer you the expertise you seek. The following summarises the civil services we offer:

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Storm water Drainage Design
  • On-site Detention System
  • Storm Water Pump System
  • Multi-cell System
  • Connection to Melbourne Water Waterways
  • Soakage Pit
  • Pollution Control
  • Rainwater Tank Storage
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design(WSUD)
  • Outfall Drainage
  • Road Design
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