RC Engineering Consultancy has delivered large complex works in densely populated metropolitan, rural and remote areas on most of Australia’s road network.

Supported by very high level traffic management expertise from our accredited Traffic Manager, we are authorized to design for various road environments to the local State Road Authority standards.

Whether you are developing a new project or require assistance with the development of existing roads, RC Engineering Consultancy can offer you the expertise you seek.

Services included under Road Engineering –

  • Geometric Design
  • Flexible pavement design
  • Rigid pavement Design
  • Road drainage design
  • Road roundabout and intersection design
  • Traffic science and land marking design
  • Car park design
  • Road and footpath construction supervision
  • Road construction inspections
  • Road geotechnical investigation and testing
  • Pavement and material testing
  • Road survey
  • Traffic assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Project Management

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