The geotechnical engineering characteristics of a site is an important part of the foundational design. Our experienced engineers will accurately assess your site and provide the best design.

At RC Engineering Consultancy, we offer geotechnical engineering in Melbourne that includes the development of footings, basements, retaining walls, slopes, bridges and much more. We conduct field investigations, field and laboratory testing, foundation design and testing, pile dynamics, ground improvement analysis, physical model testing, and numerical analysis.

Through our geotechnical assessment, we aim to conduct a full site inspection where we analyse and assess the site’s conditions along with soil profile. Our work is to ensure there are no potential hazards or items that can trigger the selected site’s characteristics. We also evaluate the risks of landslides and develop mitigation plans to help our clients manage the risk and prevent accidents in the future.

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    Geotechnical Consultants

    Our geotechnical consultants are proficient in geotechnical engineering and are experienced at identifying problem sites, ranging from highly reactive clays to filled sites, from ground slope instability to groundwater table issues.

    Building long-term relationships with our clients is what our team aims for. We make sure that we listen to what exactly our clients expect from our services so that we can cater to their requirements on time by setting the highest standards in terms of timeliness, transparency and accuracy. We have an in-house state of the art technology which enables our geotechnical consultants to devise a tailored plan and technical guidance for our clients.

    Geotechnical Engineering Services

    Discover a wide range of practical and result-oriented geotechnical engineering services at RC Engineering Consultancy. We offer testing services to mitigate risks and support our clients in making well-informed decisions and complete their development projects on time. Avoid paying thousands of dollars in future remedial actions by taking our services. We ensure you won’t have to face any restrictions or delays from our end.

    We Provide the Following Geotechnical Services :

    • Geotechnical investigation and testing
    • Soil and concrete testing
    • Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) testing
    • Earthworks, including density testing and supervision
    • Construction inspections
    • Pile and foundation constructability assessments
    • Noise and vibration monitoring
    • Residential slabs and footings
    • Earth retaining structures
    • Ground improvement
    • Foundation design
    • Pile dynamic analysis
    • Pile integrity test
    • Finite element analysis
    • Floor nailing design
    • Slope stability analysis
    • Landslide assessments
    • Engineering and feature surveys (total station)
    • Geotechnical forensic evaluation

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