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Our Fire systems certifier is accredited under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) to carry out work in the ‘Fire Systems Certification’. The scope of activities includes:

  1. Inspecting and assessing installed systems and equipment for compliance with the approved design whilst having regard to:
  • Applicable legislation, codes and standards;
  • Variations or specific requirements of approval authorities;
  • The system design documentation;
  • Commissioning tests and approval documentation;
  • Manufacturer’s specifications and product compliance documentation.
  1. Preparing an inspection report and certificate of compliance for the installed fire systems and equipment, declaring that the system is installed in accordance with the approved design and will operate and perform as per the approved design.

Our Fire Systems Certification Services include:

  • Reviewing and verifying the design and system to ensure it meets the fire systems design and performance standards;
  • Verifying that the system products and equipment are installed in accordance with approved design documentation;
  • Validating the commissioning and performance results to required standards; and
  • Issuing certification that the system meets all design and future maintenance criteria.
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