The role of an energy assessor is to assess a house and find out whether it is energy-efficient or not. RC Engineering’s NatHERS Accredited Assessors are committed to a sustainable future. This includes a design philosophy steadfastly anchored in the efficiency of resource uses, and on the overall carbon footprint, our projects leave. We design to not only reduce the overall impact of the built environment, but to also be fuel-efficient; thereby protecting our natural resources, and saving our client’s money, through more energy-efficient options and solutions.

How We Work?

The energy assessor conducts a survey depending on the overall size of the property and the total number of rooms in the house. They evaluate the building’s efficiency and provide accurate reports to advise homeowners, builders and architects. We have a team of energy assessors who have extensive knowledge about the industry. We help clients make their property sustainable and reduce their energy costs.

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    We provide the following Energy Assessment Services:

    • Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Report
    • 6 Star Energy Report
    • NatHERS reports
    • BESS Assessment
    • Sustainable Management Plans (SMP) Report
    • Sustainable Design Assessments (SDA) Report
    • STORM Report
    • Waste Management Plan (WMP) Report
    • Section J- DTS report
    • Section J- JV3 report


    Energy Rater’s in Melbourne

    Are you a building developer or homeowner in Australia? If yes, then you should know that nowadays all Australian homes require a minimum of 6 stars according to the Building Code of Australia.

    Our energy rater’s in Melbourne will visit your house and inspect the complete layout of the house. We also inspect roofs, walls and windows. The main task here is to identify whether your home has all the design elements that suit the Australian climate. If you have a specific request, we can customise our services to match your requirements. Let our energy rater’s in Melbourne provide you with an energy rating for your new home. Get in touch with us today.

    Energy Assessment Report

    After the energy assessor is done with the full house inspection, they will prepare a detailed and accurate report. The report contains the lighting calculation needed according to the National Construction Code. The lighting requirements are calculated to ensure your house does not exceed the set wattage. The energy assessment report comes with the specifications to help you get the permit approval. We offer fast turnarounds with assured quick delivery.

    We provide our energy assessment services for home extensions, apartments and dual occupancy buildings

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