At RC Engineering Consultancy, we offer consultation services to people who are planning on subdividing land in Melbourne. We have vast experience in the industry, we have worked on hundreds of land subdivision projects. With a strong emphasis on delivering quality services, we provide high-end land sub-division services to help our clients make the most of their property.

If you want to break down your plot into individual smaller plots, then we are here to assist you. There are a lot of factors you need to consider in order to get your subdivision plan approved. We understand that the subdividing land in Melbourne can be a stressful process especially if you aren’t familiar with the planning codes and council regulations. Our staff can help you increase your profits by offering a seamless experience.

Here at RC Engineering Consultancy, we offer supervision and guidance for subdividing land in Melbourne. We employ some of the most effective and result-bound land surveying services to gather the essential chunks of information and help you make an informed decision. We can simplify the entire process allowing you to boost your profits.

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    Simplify Property Subdivision in Melbourne

    Our specialists work in unison with the town planners and carry out the work according to the council’s policies. With our services for property subdivisions in Melbourne, you can get the required subdivision permit along with a free consultation for your property.

    We identify any potential land development opportunities and work with our client throughout the planning and design phase. We start the work by determining if the piece of land can be subdivided or not. Our surveyor applies for the subdivision permit and helps the clients to develop an understanding of the council application process.

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