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RC Engineering Consultancy specialist engineers are experts in the field of Fire Safety and Fire Engineering Services and can help set you on the right path to achieve project approval.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop alternative building solutions using performance-based requirements to overcome non-compliance, and thus satisfying the provisions of the BCA by using smoke modelling programs and egress calculations.

Our Fire Engineering Services include:

  • Alternative solutions for building code compliance.
  • Fire and smoke compartmentalisation.
  • Access and egress, and evacuation computer simulation for egress and exit strategies.
  • Fire and smoke modelling and smoke hazard management.
  • Fire risk assessment.
  • Peer review.
  • Fire safety auditing and due diligence assessments.
  • Authority and Regulatory advice and liaison.

RC Engineering Consultancy is committed to providing leading edge fire protection design, enabling practical, cost effective solutions to be created within areas where the unachievable is made possible.

Our team’s passion to provide a quality service to our clients is unmatched.

Our Fire Protection Services include:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler systems.
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel systems.
  • Fire alarm & detection systems.
  • Emergency warning & intercommunication systems (EWIS).
  • Gaseous suppression systems.
  • Water mist suppression systems.
  • Fire matrix management.
  • Portable Fire extinguishers.
  • Authority and Regulatory advice and liaison.

Our Fire systems certifier¬†is¬†accredited under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) to carry out work in the ‚ÄėFire Systems Certification‚Äô. The scope of activities includes inspecting and assessing installed systems and equipment for compliance, with the approved design whilst having regard to:

  • Applicable legislation, codes, and standards.
  • Variations or specific requirements of approval authorities.
  • The system design documentation.
  • Commissioning tests and approval documentation.
  • Manufacturer‚Äôs specifications and product compliance documentation.
  • Preparing an inspection report, and certificate of compliance for the installed fire systems and equipment. Declaring that the system is installed in accordance with the approved design and will operate and perform as per the approved design.

Our Fire Systems Certification Services include:

  • Reviewing and verifying¬†the design and system to ensure it meets the fire systems design and performance standards.
  • Verifying that the system products and equipment is installed in accordance with approved¬†design documentation.
  • Validating the commissioning and performance results to required standards.
  • Issuing certification that the system meets all design and future maintenance criteria.

RC Engineering Consultancy understands mechanical systems have a major impact on the long-term value of a building. We offer a unique approach to sustainable design solutions which meet a vast range of needs and maximise efficiency for both new builds and refurbishments. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions which suit their specific requirements.

Our Mechanical Services include:

  • Energy efficient air-conditioning systems.
  • Air Handling and refrigeration plants.
  • Smoke Management systems.
  • Air-filtration.
  • Central Plant heating and cooling.
  • Chilled water plant and reticulation.
  • Humidification and dehumidification systems.
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation systems.
  • General, kitchen, carpark, and lab exhaust systems.
  • Building automation, integration, and control.
  • Waste heat recovery.
  • Authority and Regulatory advice and liaison.

RC Engineering Consultancy is committed to providing our clients with specialised hydraulic advice, and confidence in design and reliability. At RC Engineering Consultancy, we offer professional, cost-effective, hydraulic design solutions to projects, large and small.

Our hydraulics engineers employ the absolute best in hydraulic technology, thus offering our clients effective choices, while also adding real value to builders and owners, at early stages of a building project.

Our Hydraulic Services include:

  • Hot and cold-water reticulation.
  • Potable water reticulation.
  • Sanitary drainage.
  • Grey water/water recycling and reclamation systems.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Roof drainage systems.
  • Sewer and greasy waste systems.
  • Gas supply reticulation and demand.
  • Authority and Regulatory advice and liaison.
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