The importance of a geotechnical engineering report on a proposed or existing development are crucial to design. The objective of soil testing is to identify the soil profile below ground level, evaluate the soil’s properties to both internal and external influences and recommend to the designer the most appropriate soil parameters that can be used in the design of the footing system.

Our staff are familiar with geotechnical engineering and are experienced to identify problem sites ranging from highly reactive clays to filled sites and from ground slope instability to ground water table issues.

If you require a Geotechnical Report or Soil Report RC Engineering consultancy provides the following services:

  • Site Testing and Soil Classification (as per AS 2870)
  • Geotechnical Reports for Apartment, Industrial and Commercial Projects
  • Geotechnical Reports addressing the specfic needs of Basement Construction
  • Soil Reports tailoring the needs of Residential, Townhouse and Unit Construction
  • Soil Reports addressing Adjoining Footing Exposure and Undermining Issues
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