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RC Engineering not only understands the need to meet client expectations in terms of project documentation but the process of obtaining necessary permit approval from relevant regulatory authorities. . We can provide an effective, practical and detailed storm water drainage design that meets your architectural designs and site conditions.

At RC Engineering Consultancy, we will liaise with the relevant council on your behalf to obtain the “legal point of discharge” document prior to design. We then work collaboratively with the council to meet their requirements and obtain fast approval of the civil designs.

Whether you are developing a new project or require assistance with the development of existing drainage systems, RC Engineering Consultancy can offer you the expertise you seek.

Services included under Drainage Engineering – 

  • Downpipe network for gutters, sumps, rainwater heads, emergency overflows, terrace drains and balcony outlets
  • Rain garden and ponds
  • On-site detention (OSD) storage
  • Rainwater tank design and storage
  • Stormwater quality improvement devices
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Subsoil drainage and pump systems
  • Sediment and erosion control plans
  • STORM rating report
  • MUSIC Modelling
  • Connection to Melbourne waterways

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