With over 30 years’ experience as planning consultants we are committed to provide expert town planning services and guidance to our clients whether it’s the residential commercial or industrial setting. Our expert team has an extensive knowledge in town planning requitements and regulations as well as a broad industry network to ensure your project is delivered to standard. As an integrated planning, design and engineering firm, we leverage our expertise to get you moving. We will guide you every step of the way, from obtaining development approvals through council liaison, conducting research, meeting your design specifications and designing your development as you envision. On approval of your documents, we will provide a complete set of all necessary documents to allow immediate works the ground.

We can help with the following Town Planning Services:

  • Town Planning Permit Applications
  • Pre – application meetings
  • Clause 55 report
  • Liaison with Council
  • VCAT representation
  • Environmental Management report
  • Cultural Heritage report
  • BAL report
  • STA/ Stormwater report
  • Traffic – turning circles
  • Heritage report
  • Urban Design & Master Planning